#TwitterDisco needs yoU…

A humongous thank-you to those who joined us for #Music4McR last night. It felt very special and really quite emotional from where I was sitting.

At the risk of achieving #TwitterDisco overload…our live performance on Sunday 9th July at The BridgeWater Hall is looming and we need help from our Discoteers.

Our #TramTracks song is written & recorded [cringe] but we need…

(1) …as many of you as possible to learn our song and then come & join us on stage to sing it somewhat raucously. AnD it goes without saying that there will simply have to be an after show celebration!

(2)…for those of you who can’t join us on stage…we want you to learn the chorus or a teensy bit of rap [we have a middle 8 and eveRything] & then record yourself singing it on camera…a phone or computer will be fine. We are going to make a film that will be played [without sound, which may reassure you, or not] behind us as we perform on stage. Think Perfect Day & Children in Need meets #TwitterDisco Chaos! Feel free to go biG on t’costume front.

[WARNING: you will need a doctor’s note to be excused from option 1 but choosing 1 aNd 2 is alLowed].

Please DM me, Louise or John if you’re in & we will email further destructions. At the very least, you’ll get to fall off your chair laughing at our singing accomplishments!

Happy Saturday,

Louise, John & Ruth


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