#TwitterDisco does #Music4McR

Since our last blog, further shocking events have occurred, and it is important to say that our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone in London following the awful attacks there.

We live in extremely difficult times and, as such, it feels hard to plan more than a day ahead at the moment. But, all things being equal, we hope that, as previously mooted, we will be able to share some Manchester tunes amongst our Twitter friends tomorrow night from 9pm. Contrary to earlier messages, a 10.30pm finish seems highly unlikely given the plethora of fab music that Manchester can call its own so, we’ll keep going until we feel like stopping!

A few things to know…

So we can Storify our outing, we’d like you to use both of the # in this title…#TwitterDisco #Music4McR  [a really big thanks to @jomwlever for the latter #].

Although the We Love Manchester fund has already done amazingly well, & probably won’t notice our little drop in the ocean, if you haven’t already, we’d love it if folk who join us consider donating via Vanessa’s Health & Care Community just giving site… https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Vanessa-Garrity or directly to The Red Cross.

We have a playlist that we have collated from all your suggestions so far but feel free to curate a few ‘sharers’ of your own for on the night.

Most importantly, we’d love to hear your messages of solidarity, support and care for all those affected by the bomb and its aftermath. We aspire to an atmosphere of togetherness and healing, particularly for those of our Manchester colleagues who will be joining us… ‘caring for those that care‘.

We’re looking forward to spending time with you all again.


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