#TwitterDisco…fundraising for Manchester?

My love for my home city is well documented and I have shared in my city’s devastation during the aftermath of the terrorist attack that has taken lives and left many injured. My thoughts, since I learned of the events on the evening of the 22nd May, have been with the families and friends who have lost loved ones, those injured, the emergency services who responded on the night itself, and throughout the subsequent days, and with my colleagues who continue to care for patients despite their own traumatic reactions to the work they have under-taken.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, we have been asked to consider using #TwitterDisco as a vehicle for support and fund-raising. In light of the life-changing events that have befallen so many, I remain in two minds about whether a disco is an appropriate vehicle for this. However, in view of the fact that so many people have turned to music to soothe their way through these darks days, I am prepared for us to consider a way in which #TwitterDisco might be able to contribute to the overall sum of money that the Red Cross hopes & needs to raise through its ‘We Love Manchester’ emergency fund.

Whilst thinking this through, I have taken advice from trusted friends & colleagues, including those directly involved in the care of the many patients who remain within our hospitals. Their counsel and advice have been necessary and welcome. If we are to do this, we must get it right.

To quote from a wise source… “what I would like to see from #Twitterdisco is a night of ‘healing’ – the power of music to heal in an inclusive and broad sense. Great if you can help raise some cash that will help heal”.

And so…John, Louise & I tentatively propose that we run an evening of Manchester Music on Friday 9th June between 9 & 10.30pm with the express purpose of raising funds for this important cause. The tone will need to be different to our usual outings but I do wonder whether we can create a powerful narrative within our tweets to offer support for those who are hurting. This does not deviate from our usual motivations [‘caring for those that care‘]; rather, it is complementary to what we already aspire to achieve.

Should we go ahead, I would suggest that we have a set playlist and ask those who participate to donate on the night. By re-working our usual format, we could hope to offer our thoughts and condolensces to those so deeply affected by this horrific event and offer the start of a healing process for those who are providing care. We would have a chance to demonstrate our soldarity…sharing & seeking support. Most importantly, we could add to the fundraising process in a way that we already know works well. We would, however, need to be vigilant to remaining respectful throughout our ‘broadcast’.

Given my uncertainty, I am very willing to listen to dissent. If this is a terrible idea, we will not proceed but will think of another way to represent our support in due course. We are a virtual community that operates with no walls so please do add your opinion to whether this goes ahead or not.

If the general consensus is to hold an event, then we will. If not, we will ‘see’ you all for our #TwitterDisco ‘in support of BBC Music Day’ on Friday 16th June at 9pm.

We also have some further news & an ‘ask’ to share but will release details of this a little further down the line.

With a sad heart & very best wishes,



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