#TwitterDisco…gets a song…& a tram stop!

So…we’ve been teasing you all for weeks and it’s time to put you out of your misery…suffice to say #TwitterDisco has made it to the [relative] big time…& it’s largely thanks to all of you, our amazing Discoteers.

Over the last few weeks Louise Brady, John Walsh & I have been plotting behind the scenes, meeting producers and talking with music directors, & we have an amazing fun-packed summer ahead.

We are delighted to have been asked to join in with an “exciting large-scale creative music collaboration” working with “The Bridgewater Hall, Transport for Greater Manchester, Metrolink, The Bridgewater Hall Community Education Trust and music services, arts venues, cultural institutions, schools, community groups, transport networks and media outlets across Greater Manchester”.

We will be an official part of the 25th anniversary celebrations for our tram [and it is well documented just how much I bloomin’ love t’tram] by writing a song. And, as if that wasn’t thrilling enough, we are to be ‘given’ a tram station…our very own dancefloor!

So, here’s what’s going to happen next. We are going to write and record a song. And this includes you Discoteers.

What we need from you is…lyrics. And, in true #TwitterDisco style, we want you to share them with us on Twitter. Time to get your thinking caps on…

On Friday 21st April between 9pm and 10.30pm we will be asking you to tweet us lyrics using #TwitterDisco #TramTracks. You can link them to your own blog or attach pictures and links to give you more creative space OR you can be very cunning indeed and limit yourself to the 114 characters remaining once you have added our #!

We will then collate all the responses from that night and take them into the recording studio to cut & paste [I am almost faint with excitement as I write this last sentence!]. Whilst we can’t promise to curate all of your words, we will do our best to honour the sentiment of what you share with us and we hope that the finished product will do justice to how you feel about #TwitterDisco.

After that, we will be back with news to let you know about how & when we are recording because we want you all in on that part of the project too.

In case you’re looking for inspiration, this is what we’re telling the world about #TwitterDisco…

“We are a virtual health & social care disco that believes in ‘caring for those that care’. We come together once a month & share music that lifts us & makes us happy. We are a Twitter community that support, inspire and nurture. There is no agenda…we just enjoy doing what we do!”.

So get writing and we look forward to hearing from you on Friday 21st April.

PS. Just in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, we still have a few tricks left up our sleeves so…keep a close eye on this blog. We will be releasing further announcements throughout April. There is evEn more yet to come…


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