John’s Tale

Here, this tale, of a marvellous man…

a  man who died far too young.

A teacher who campaigned.  An activist who acted.

A husband who wooed with poetry, passionate & true.

A father who nurtured & adored.

An untimely patient who succumbed, to leukaemia, whilst still in his prime.

An Oxfam volunteer. A meditating, real ale drinking hiker.

A man of Manchester. A kind & gentle man.

A man of his time, of Orwell (George) and Laurie Lee,

of the 60’s, of the political revolution, of intellectual nobility.

From humble origins, to a humble end, with so much to show for the years in between.

This man could have been your patient. But he wasn’t.

He wasn’t ever just a patient. He was, and always will be, my Dad.


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